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SeatingGeneral Seating: 75, Wheelchair Seating: 2.
SizeApprox. 120m²
(12m long, 10m wide, 4.5m high)
PodiumTiered, approx. 19m²
(Upper base is about 5m long, lower base is about 7.5m long and 3m wide)
Seating AreaApprox. 78m²
(12m long, 6.5m wide)
FlooringPodium: Carpet on wooden boards (height: 8cm)
Seating Area: Carpet
Equipment2 wireless microphones, projector (resolution: WUXGA 1920×1200, brightness: ANXI 500 lumens, HDMI connector), projection screen (5.04 m × 2.88 m), speakers (4 two-way speakers), whiteboard (2.4m × 1.2m)
Nature of the SpaceThis venue is located in the 1st Exhibition Hall and is suitable for lectures, seminars, film screenings, and other events.
AvailabilityThis space is booked by time period; if your usage will span separate periods, please apply for both at once.
Between periods, time is allocated for rearranging the space; during this time, the space will generally not be open for use.

Morning period: 09:00-12:00
Afternoon period: 14:00-17:00
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