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After entering Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Park from the Gate of Great Loyalty on Xinyi Road, walk to the right along the Anshan Rock Trail for about 30 meters and you will find the Plum Blossom Area, with more than 80 Gong-Fen Mume plums (Prunus mume). This area is mainly home to ornamental plums, with pink double flowers in bloom from February through March every year.

White-flowering Edible Mume plums are located next to Yun Han Pond. These have single, five-petaled flowers that bloom early, around mid-January, while the plums mature in April/May. In addition, the Pure Fragrance Mume plums (Prunus mume Tainung No. 1) at the gate by the corner of Xinyi Road and Hangzhou South Road, cultivated by the Council of Agriculture’s Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute, are white and pink, fragrant, double flowers which bloom in early January.