Outdoor - Democracy Boulevard

1. The Democracy Boulevard venue has an area of 5,814 square meters.
2. To protect the facilities of the national monument and the architectural landscape, and for visitor safety, community peace and quiet and other considerations, Democracy Boulevard’s rental space is mainly used for disseminating government decrees, arts performances and public welfare activities; applications for fairs, vendor activities, events involving loud noise or raising concern about damage to the historic site’s facilities will not be accepted.
3. When renting Democracy Boulevard, the user must retain a passageway four meters wide on both sides to allow a passageway for visitors; a passageway 15 meters wide must be retained in front of the flag-raising platform to allow the honor guide to raise/lower the flag.
4. Use fee: Commercial activity: NT$65,000/day; non-commercial NT$43,500/day.


Real image

園區平面圖 租借區域

Park area plan with rental space