Gift Shops

Location of shopCKSMH Dazhong Gate
Contact number(02) 2391-5719
Description of the museum shopThe Museum Shop is a shop licensed by the CKSMH, offering a selection of books, audio-visual products and brand products issued by CKSMH and various distinctive Taiwanese cultural souvenirs. Providing excellent service, it gives customers an ideal shopping experience.

Name of shopCheer For Books
Location of shopCKSMH Central Hallway
Contact number(02)2321-5469
Shop descriptionCheer For Books stocks various creative products and books on history, living, travel, etc.; it hosts small-scale art exhibitions and lectures are also regularly held. It provides customers with fun shopping and life experiences.
 Cheer For Books

Name of shopJING SI BOOKS
Location of shopCKSMH Dazhong Gate
Contact number(02)2356-0701
Shop descriptionJing Si Books is a “community living room” designed for spiritual purification. It offers a selection of books on spiritual growth, natural vegetarian food products and eco-friendly products, while conveying to visitors the humanistic beauty of peaceful contemplation.

Name of shopArt Taiwan
Location of shopCKSMH Zhizheng Gate
Contact number(02)3343-5434
Shop description
Art Taiwan is a design product concept store that offers a variety of cultural and creative design products by local designers. Focusing on various types of cultural and creative products, distinctive stationery and souvenirs designed by local artists, it is guided by the philosophy of promoting high quality Taiwanese cultural and creative design products. Art Taiwan provides visitors from around the world the opportunity to experience Taiwan’s burgeoning creativity and cultural vitality.
 Art Taiwan