Concept of Design

 The construction site occupies an area of 250,000 square meters. In addition to the CKS Memorial Hall, the National Opera House, and the National Concert Hall were built on the same site. The construction of the Hall fell into two phases. During the first phase, the main body of the Hall, gardens, pavilions, verandah, and other related sites were built. For the second phase, the National Opera House, National Concert Hall, and an underground parking lot were completed in 1987.
The underlying concepts of the design:
1. To express the spirit of Chinese culture
2. An innovative design in a unique and grand style
3. The utilization of modern construction technology, with emphasis on economy and practical use. The color of the blue sky and white sun symbolize freedom and equality.

  The Memorial Hall is built upon three stories of broad and solid foundations that symbolize "Zhong Zheng" (impartial and righteous). The octagonal roof design creates many "ren" (Man), motifs on the very top, symbolizing the "unification of Man and Heaven." The roof is fashioned in the form of the Altar to Heaven and covered with blue glazed tiles, reflecting the sunlight. The apex of the roof is gold in color and culminates the upsurge glory None of the other materials, such as the white marble, red cypress ceiling, and light red granite floor, have been tinted with artificial colors,thereby imparting a feeling of sacredness, solemnity, hospitality, and peace.

 Because the Memorial is encircled by a garden of 25 hectares, everything has been executed in grand dimensions. In addition, there is the National Opera House and the National Concert Hall. The "hip roof" style has been used for the National Opera House. The National Concert Hall has a "Gable and Hip" roof. In combination with the octagonal roof of the Memorial Hall, they form a triangular design, with the Memorial Hall, 70 meters in height, as the pivotal building.