Current Exhibitions

  • The World of Tim Burton

    The artistic genius of director TimBurton extends beyond film, andmore than 500 creations in diverse artforms will be exhibitedin Taiwan for the first time afterother stops in this world tour.The exhibition reveals an inimitable style that is informed by Burton's specific perspective. Ticket Information Ticket Types Prices Eligibility Full Fare 380 General Public Conces...

    Date: Venue:1st Exhibition Hall
  • Traveling through Art and Plucking the Winds (Free Admission)

    Pursuing purity with new perspectives and ideas, and striking a balance between tradition and modernity, this exhibition is primarily focused on ink wash works, 61 of which are expected to be on display here.

  • 2022 TANG PRIZE 10th ANNIVERSARY EXHIBITION (Free Admission)

    Tang Prize 10th Anniversary Exhibit Entertains Visitors with A Feast of Knowledge Tang Prize 10th Anniversary Exhibition is composed of seven units, each allowing visitors to “Get to Know the Tang Prize in 6 Simple Questions,” take 4 classes, one per award category, in Sustainable Development, Biopharmaceutical Science, Sinology, and Rule of Law, browse through items donated by laureates, and glance through the results of first ten years of the Tang Prize. To make the exhibit more...

    Date: Venue:Central Hallway
  • 99 Art Society Creation Awards and Members’ Exhibition 2022(Free Admission)

    The 99 Art Society has made the study and promotion of traditional Chinese art, and particularly ink wash, its mission. Every year, the membersof the 99 Art Society exhibit traditional paintingsand calligraphy worksfeaturing flowers, birds,landscapes, and animals, with every member observingand learning from the others.

    Date: Venue:2nd exhibition hall
  • An In-depth Exploration of Charcoal & Salt(Free Admission)

    ■History of Sculpture Sculpture has been an integral part of human activities and takes the form of daily artifacts and religion items. As history evolves, sculpture has become an independent, artistic role. Modern sculpture further engages in a wide variety of interactions and dialogues with environment and spectators, having blurred the line between subject and object items. Major breakthroughs in terms of techniques and materials have been witnessed. ■Charcoal Sculpting Charcoal, the...

  • Awakening Tide – The Call for Freedom on the Long Road to Taiwan Democracy (Free Admission)

    Taiwan’s democratic development has been an arduous and protracted process. In their quest for democracy, the Taiwanese people began more than one hundred years ago not only to strive for political participation but also for a constitutional political system, the separation of powers, and the rule of law, as well as for the safeguarding of basic human rights such as individual freedom, freedom of expression, freedom to publish, freedom of assembly and freedom of association. In order to ac...

    Date: Venue:Human Rights Multimedia Area(3F)
  • “Craft and Charity, Lighting Up Taiwan”—The 13th Annual Handicapped Persons and Inmate Art Exhibition(Free admission)

    This exhibition presents works in various media by imprisoned people, people with disabilities, and elementary school students on the theme of environmental protection, showcasing their vitality and energy in spite of the struggles they face.

  • Art from the Heart—An Exhibition of the Creations of Hsu Yi-chia(Free admission)

    The works on show here include scenes from Ilha Formosa, China, and further abroad, along with abstract images that go beyond boundaries. Soft colors with vivid and lively brushwork predominate.

    Date: Venue:Gallery(1F)
  • A Hundred Scenes of Life—The Works of Liu Ting-se(Free Admission)

    Using oil paints and oil pastels, Liu Ting-se uses an impressionistic style to present natural and human scenes through sketches and canvases.

    Date: Venue:4th Exhibition Hall 
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