Current Exhibitions

  • Magic at your Fingertips(Free Admission)

    The History of Dough Figurines There are many legends about the origin of the art of dough figurines. One is about the flour-made “worshipping cake” used as the sacrifice in Han Dynasty. Another is the legend of “Zhuge Kongming’s River Sacrifice.” Kongming used flour to make the sacrifices in the shape of human heads, “mantou”, to pray for safety. In the Song and Yuan Dynasty, dough figurines evolved into the decorations on the “appreciation tables...

    Date: Venue:Gate of Great Piety Hall, East Side Display Window
  • The Imaginative World of Children— Andrew Charity Association’s 8th Artistic Competition Award-Winning Works Exhibition(Free admission)

    In order to enhance the creative talents of underprivileged children and discover kids with talent and potential, the Andrew Charity Association holds a special arts competition. This competition provides a platform for children from rural areas and disadvantaged backgrounds to showcase their talents and abilities.

    Date: Venue:Gallery(3F)
  • Exhibition of Jade Artifacts from the Ming and Other Dynasties

    Jade artifacts combine a rich cultural heritage and artistic charm. Each piece of jade is meticulously crafted. This exhibition allows us to explore the historical and cultural signifcance of jade artifacts and appreciate the exquisite fusion of beauty and craftsmanship.

    Date: Venue:3rd Exhibition Hall
  • Encounter: Ko Chih-Pei’s Western Painting Solo Exhibition(Free Admission)

    The artist uses a paintbrush to capture the emotions betweenpeople and the land, seeking the purest beauty and excitementin life. This exhibition showcases various creations, including oilpaintings, watercolors, and sketches.

    Date: Venue:2nd Exhibition Hall
  • Passing Along the Art of Life— 2023 Taiwan Foundation for Rare Disorders Artistic Creations Exhibition(Free Admission)

    By showcasing a combination of media materials, the traditional cultural customs and festivals of Taiwan are presented one by one, allowing visitors to experience the vibrant social fabric of Taiwan.

    Date: Venue:4th Exhibition Hall
  • Everlasting Art Association 2023 Exhibition of Members’ Works(Free Admission)

    The Everlasting Art Association, established 23 years ago, is dedicated to studying and promoting traditional Chinese ink wash and spreading the beauty of Chinese art. Part of its work is this annual exhibition, which provides its members the chance to observe and learn from one another’s works, along with their annual ink wash creation awards.

    Date: Venue:2nd Exhibition Hall
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