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The fearless people behind the unbreathable freedom of speech suppression during the 1960s

Lei Chen, who was in charge of the Free China Review, formed an opposition party with local elites when he could not stop Chiang Kai-Shek from running for his third term of the presidency as it violated the Constitution. Lei was later accused of spreading communist propaganda and hiding communists, and Chiang increased Lei's sentence to 10 years and shut down the Free China Review. Thereafter, further restrictions were implemented on freedom of speech and the formation of parties. Intellectuals were worried about Taiwan's future as people were unaware of their country's state due to censored information in the media. This led to Peng Ming-min (a professor at NTU) and his students drafting a "Declaration of Formosan Self-Salvation" but ending up being arrested and imprisoned. During this time, the government suppressed speech and ideologies even more.