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The Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall organizes a wide range of classes with a rich array of content for different age groups. Classes are available in Chinese and a number of foreign languages. To learn more and sign up please visit the registration website at: Permanent classes include: 

Art, Culture, Cultural Innovation Classes

More than 100 classes are available for adults throughout the week on a wide range of subjects that include Chinese painting, Western painting, health and wellness. In recent years, a series of cultural innovation classes have also been introduced. Please select a class that interests you. Each class is held once a week with a full course lasting four months.


Innovative Art Classes

These classes are held every Saturday and are open to elementary and junior high school students. Classes include such subjects as writing, art and mechanical LEGO. A relaxed teaching environment helps to enhance the knowledge and cultural literacy of students.


Art Classes

These classes are designed for families and are held on weekends. They involve interactive storytelling and making things by hand under the guidance of an expert teaching team. In this way, parents and children can spend weekend afternoons learning together and bonding.

Summer-Winter Camps for Children

These camps cater to elementary school students, featuring a series of classes lasting 2-5 days throughout the summer and winter vacations. The fact that the classes are divided into half-day and full-day classes, with diverse content and times, gives parents great flexibility in making arrangements during the vacation period.