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The plan of the first floor of the hall
The plan of the first floor of the hall shows the locations of the Central Hallway, Permanent Exhibition Hall, Auditorium, 1st Exhibition Hall, Gallery (1F), 2nd and 3rd Exhibition Halls, Administration Area, CKSMH Museum Shop, and post office. The 1st Exhibition Hall and Permanent Exhibition Hall are located on the Hangzhou South Road side, while the 3rd Exhibition Hall is located toward Zhongshan South Road, and the nursing station is on the Aiguo East Road side.
The third floor plan

The third floor plan shows the location of the 4th Exhibition Hall, Gallery (3F), and Classrooms W311 to W320. In addition to the 4th Exhibition Hall, Gallery (3F), and the Human Rights Multimedia Exhibition Area, there are almost 10 classrooms on the third floor that are available for the hosting of various educational studies, lectures, and interactive teaching activities organized both by CKS Memorial Hall and by other organizations.

The fourth floor

The fourth floor is primarily taken up by the Bronze Statue Hall, hosting a large bronze statue of President Chiang Kai-shek standing in the upper hall of the Memorial Hall. The bronze statue is 6.3 meters high and weighs about 21.25 metric tons, and was cast by Mr. Chen Yi-fan. The plinth upon which the statue sits is 3.5 meters in height and has the President’s will engraved on it. The entire assemblage stands 9.8 meters tall.