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Accessibility for Visitors with Disabilities

Discount for special exhibition tickets are available for visitors with disabilities

Holders with a disabled card can enter free of charge. A person accompanying a visitor with disability is admitted depending on the nature of the exhibition.

Service for people with impaired mobility


Manual wheelchairs are available to borrow from the information desk or first aid station free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis.

Dedicated Wheelchair Spaces:

Auditorium: 5 seats for people with physical disabilities.
Audio-Visual Room: 2 seats for people with physical disabilities.

2-Deaf or Hearing-Impaired

Guests Who are Deaf or Hearing-Impaired

Sign-language interpreters are available with two weeks prior notice.

3-Blind or Partially-Sighted

Guests Who are Blind or Partially-Sighted

  1. Blind guide tiles are available from Daxiao Gate to the entrance and exit of the main hall.
  2. Courtesy reading and magnifying glasses are available to borrow from the information desk free of charge.
4-Guide dogs

Guide dogs

Guide dogs are welcome at the main hall if providing assistance to individuals with disabilities. Guide dogs must be under the control of their handler at all times during their visit.

5-First-aid Station

First-aid Station

First aid kits are available at the information desk and First-aid Station. The First aid station also provides basic treatments.


Automated External Defibrillator

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is available in front of the First-aid Station and inside the Bronze Statue Hall on the 4th Floor.

7-Nursing Room

Nursing Room

The Nursing Room is located at the side of the Daxiao Gate Hall store. Comfortable seating and baby changing stations are available with a water machine, sink, refrigerator and other equipments that can be used for breastfeeding and changing diapers.

8-Drinking Water

Drinking Water

There are drinking water machines beside the Daxiao Gate Hall and Dazhong Gate Hall stores. Please bring your own environmental-friendly cup.

9-Muslim-Friendly Environment

Muslim-Friendly Environment

A Muslim prayer room has been set up next to the public rest area in the Gate of Great Loyalty hall, open daily from 10 am to 5 pm (except on days when the hall is closed). The room provides copies of the Quran, prayer mats, screens, and a shoe cabinet, and can accommodate up to five people.
There is also one bathroom for men and one for women, each with facilities for ablutions.

10-Gender-Neutral Restrooms

Gender-Neutral Restrooms

Gender-neutral restrooms are available on the third floor next to the art gallery, providing a comfortable space for people of all gender identities, as well as for parents with young children.

Application Form for Group Visit

This service is limited to groups of more than 10 people. Applications must be made a minimum of seven days prior to a visit. If the guided tour program is full an email will be sent seeking to arrange a suitable time. Once the tour time is determined, please report to the first floor service desk on time. If a group is more than 15 minutes late for a booked guided tour, the tour will be canceled.

For more information please see:


This library specializes in the collection of books or other literary materials related to Chiang Kai-shek and modern history.

Open Monday through Thursday From 1:30pm-5:00pm

Library Reservation Form (PDF) (ODT)

Exhibition Application

For relevant exhibition application, please contact Miss. Huang ( tel:(02)2343-1100 ext.1176), Exhibition Planning Division.

Application for Venue Usage

1) Target Applicants
Except for the exhibition spaces, which are open to individual applications, the rest of the space is only open to applications from institutions (schools), companies, or registered civic sector organizations.

2) How to Apply
Please submit a written application to this office for processing, providing the following information:
 1. Application: The applicant must print and truthfully fill out the application form; if the applicant is an institution (school), the seal of the institution (school) must be added.
 2. Plan: Fill in the details concerning the date, time, location, organizer, content, expected number of participants, venue set-up, and closing time for the use of the venue. For large-scale events with more than 1,000 participants and lasting for more than two hours, an Event Safety and Traffic Maintenance Plan shall be submitted to this office for review and application for permission from the Taipei City Government.
 3. Supporting documents: A copy of the applicant’s ID card, and if the applicant is a group, a copy of the certificate of approval of registration by the competent authority must be attached.

3) Venues
 1. Indoor: Auditorium, Audio-Visual Room.
 2. Outdoor: Democracy Boulevard, CKSMH-Circle Road, Gate of Great Piety Square.

4) Contact Us
Please contact the Cultural Resource Division (tel. 02-2343-1100 ext. 1157, 1195, 1158).