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  • What cultural artifacts can I donate to the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall?
    • 2023-05-11

    1. Historical artifacts, documents, and artworks related to President Chiang Kai-shek and the modern history of our country.
    2. Historical artifacts, documents, and artworks related to the heritage buildings, park environment, and brand image of the Memorial Hall.
    3. A combination of the above with research value that can be used for future exhibitions, education, promotion, and cultural-creative product development.

  • What should be considered when donating?
    • 2023-05-11

    If you plan to donate to our institution, please keep the following in mind:
    1. The nature of the item(s) must be within the scope of our collection.
    2. The origin must be clear, the ownership must be legal and unencumbered, and there must be no restrictions on the use or disposal of the item(s).
    3. If the item(s) were not originally owned by the donor, they must be accompanied by certificates of legal transfer of ownership or other relevant documents.
    4. If the item(s) are modern publications or books, they will be handled according to the relevant regulations for book donations.
    5. If the item(s) are artworks, they must be original and cannot be reproductions or mass-produced commercial products.
    6. The item(s) must be in good condition without significant structural or cosmetic damage.
    7. The item(s) must not violate environmental or cultural heritage regulations.
    8. Due to limited storage space, please carefully consider whether the item(s) are in appropriate condition before making a donation. If there are any discrepancies or uncertainties, we suggest finding a more suitable target for donation.

  • After donating, how long do I have to wait to know the results?
    • 2023-05-11

    Every item goes through a detailed evaluation and review process from donation through collection deliberation. This includes collecting background information on the item’s era, researching the maker, communicating with the donor, clarifying ownership rights, inspecting the item’s condition, packaging & transportation, and more. If there are fewer donations of a particular type of artifact in a single category, they will be accumulated until there are enough to convene a review committee, thus avoiding wastage of manpower and resources by reviewing them one by one. In principle, we will try our best to complete the review process within one year, so we kindly ask donors to be patient.