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Welcome to the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Administration Office Website (hereafter the website). Feel free to click the links to any data on this website, but if you would like to reproduce, copy, or disseminate data, please first seek permission from the Office. In order to reassure users as to the security of the services provided by this website, the section below details the website’s information security policy.


* Security Policy Applicability

The following privacy policy refers to the use and protection of all personal information collected when users browse this website. However, it does not apply to government agency websites and other websites linked to this website. All websites for which there are hyperlinks on this site, whether they are managed by the Office or not, have their own privacy policies and the Office accepts no joint liability. When users are active on such websites the protection and use of personal information is subject to the privacy policies of those websites.


* Collection and use of personal information

The website will not collect any identifying data on users who only browse or download files.

When an individual makes use of online application services provided by the website that require applicants to submit personal information, the division in charge will ask applicants for their name, National ID No., contact telephone No., e-mail address, contact address, etc....

In the event a user files a complaint or enquires about problems relating to certain services a record will be kept of those communications, but only for the purpose of contacting the customer.


The website server records the IP address, time spent on the website and pages browsed by users, and that information is used internally by the managers of this website as part of a macro-analysis of website traffic and behavior. This is used to improve the quality of services offered. Moreover, this analysis focuses on the collective behavior of users and no analysis is conducted of individual users.


It is the duty of this office to protect the privacy of all applicants and to that end no personal information is altered or deleted without the express permission of the individual concerned, other than where such actions take place in accordance with the following situations:

In response to a violation of website regulations, such as engaging in abuse or personal attacks on forums.

To protect or defend the rights or ownership rights of related individuals.

This website will not arbitrarily sell, exchange, or lease any personal information of users to other groups, individuals or enterprises other than in the following situations:

When cooperating with a legal investigation by a judicial agency.

When cooperating with a survey or use by a related authoritative agency conducted as part of its designated responsibilities.

When there is a good faith belief that there is a legal necessity to reveal such information or that it is to be used for management purposes to maintain or improve website services.


* Information Security and Protection

The server of the website is protected by Firewall to prevent illegal intrusion, disruption or theft of data. When users access the service functions provided by the website all data stored on the website are fully protected, ensuring that the personal information of users is secure at all times.


* Measures to Protect the Security of Your Own Personal Information

Please ensure your personal information is kept safe at all times. Do not lend it to a third party to use to ensure your rights are fully protected. It is also important to be aware that any personal information revealed online (whether in discussion forums, message boards or chatrooms) could be collected and used by others; consequently, you could find yourself receiving e-mails proactively provided by third parties.


* Privacy Protection Policy Advisory

If you have any questions concerning the Privacy Protection Declaration of the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Administration Office, please feel free to contact us.