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Management Directions of C.K.S. Memorial Park

Management Directions of C.K.S. Memorial Park

Letter No. (1990) zheng-jing-zi 0034, Issued 10 January 1990

Revised and promulgated by government decree zheng-yuan No. 0970003705B on 30 October 2008

Revised and promulgated by government decree zheng-wen No. 1022002725 on 29 April 2013

Articles 3, 4 and 8 were revised and promulgated by government decree zheng-wen No. 10530017832 on 25 July 2016

1.The National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Management Office (herein referred to as "this Office") issued these Directions in order to maintain cleanliness and order, and enable safe and peaceful public use of the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Park (herein referred to as "the Park").

2.This Park shall be open daily from 5:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

3.This Park's management and maintenance duties and powers shall be apportioned as follows:

(1)This Office shall bear responsibility for the area to the east of the agency boundary signs, including the front archway.

(2)National Theater and Concert Hall shall use and maintain the area to the west of the agency boundary signs.

4.All persons wishing to use this Park to hold any activity shall apply in advance to the appropriate responsible agency (National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Management Office or National Theater & Concert Hall), and may hold said activity only after receiving approval.

5.When a recreational activity is held in this Park, the using organization or persons shall jointly endeavor to keep facilities and areas in a clean and orderly condition. The user(s) shall bear responsibility for restoration or compensation if any damage occurs.

6.Vehicles entering the Park shall stick to the following regulations:

(1)Vehicles may enter the Park only after an application has been made to the responsible agency and a permit received.

(2)Vehicles within the Park may not exceed a speed of 20 kilometers per hour.

7.In order to ensure the safety of the Park's underground parking facility, large or heavily-loaded vehicles exceeding 20 tons in weight may not travel through nor park near the front archway or the areas around the two halls.

8.The following behavior is prohibited within the Park; if any violators fail to desist after being told to stop, guards (including security personnel) or service personnel shall notify the police, who shall handle the situation in accordance with laws:

(1)Carrying hazardous materials or controlled drugs.

(2)Bringing in pets or other animals without taking appropriate preventive measures or failing to immediately remove any animal excrement.

(3)Disturbing public tranquility by causing a commotion or making noise.

(4)Public drunkenness, fighting, disturbing the peace, or disturbing public order.

(5)Gambling or immoral actions.

(6)Vending products, renting recreational equipment, or engaging in other profit-making activity.

(7)Roller skating, in-line skating, skateboarding, or cycling.

(8)Flying kites and remote controlled toy airplanes, or using miniature boats or vehicles; or other actions affecting public safety.

(9)Littering fruit peels, waste paper, cigarette butts, or other trash.

(10)Defecation and urination anywhere, spitting, spitting betel nut juice, smoking (except in designated smoking areas) or other offensive conduct (including exposing the upper or lower body).

(11)Damaging flowers, trees, grass, or park facilities; unauthorized excavation of soil, rocks, or grass, dumping of waste soil, defacing the landscaping.

(12)In ponds, swimming, angling, net-fishing, snagging fish, cleaning fish, releasing rescued animals, rowing, releasing animals for raising, playing in the water, washing, feeding fish with inappropriate foods (including bread and other foods that readily ferment), or other behavior that may pollute the water or harm the ecology and living things.

(13)Killing or harming animals such as birds or squirrels.

(14)Feeding, releasing or abandoning pigeons or other birds, cats or dogs, and wildlife, stray animals or companion animals.

(15)Drying clothing or other articles.

(16)Unauthorized writing, using paint or spray paint, writing or inscribing words, or attaching messages on any walls, ground surfaces, trees, or any facilities within the Park.

(17)Unauthorized growing of fruits, vegetables, or any flowers, trees, or plants.

(18)Remaining in the Park after closing time.

(19)Putting out tables, chairs, chests, cabinets, or shelves without permission.

(20)Playing Frisbee, ball games, or using various other equipment, when such actions may threaten the safety of people or property.

(21)Unauthorized fires or barbecues, sleeping overnight, use of firecrackers, fireworks, or aerial lanterns, installation of shelters or canopies, or other similar actions.

(22) Using park areas in disregard of regulations.

9.People using the Park are requested to stand respectfully at attention when they hear the national anthem or the bugle call for raising or lowering the flag.

10.This Office's guard personnel (including security personnel) shall actively maintain safety and order in the Park in accordance with these Directions.

11.The provisions of other laws shall be applicable to those matters not dealt with in these Directions.

12.These Directions shall take effect as of the date of promulgation.