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1. About Us

|1-1. Hot News|
|1-2. Introduction|
|1-3. Concept of Design|
|1-4. Administrative Directions|

2. Indoor Instruction

|2-1. Car of the last President Chiang|
|2-2. First display room|
|2-3. The second display room|
|2-4. The third display room|
|2-5. The fourth display room|
|2-6. The fifth display room|
|2-7. The Gallery of President Chiang Kai-shek’s Office|

3. FAQ

|3-1. Origin of establishment|
|3-2. Designing Idea|
|3-3. Facility in the memorial hall|
|3-4. Facility of the Garden|
|3-5. Cultural Relic Display|
|3-6. Tour Guide Service|
|3-7. Exhibition Service|
|3-8. Lifelong Learning Program|
|3-9. Services|
|3-10. Volunteering|
|3-11. Map and direction|

4. Introduction to The Halls Exterior

|4-2. Fish Pond|
|4-3. ROOF|
|4-4. The ecology in the park|
|4-5. Mathematical Travel|
|4-7. The use of compass and map|
|4-8. Rainwater Recycle system|
|4-9. Insects|
|4-10. Bird-watching path|

5. Introduction to The Park

6. Visitors Information

|6-1. Visit Info|
|6-2. Transportation|
|6-3. Site Map|
|6-4. Indoor Map|
|6-5. Service Info|
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