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 In April, 1975, the entire nation mourned the passing of President Chiang Kai-shek. In June, in response to suggestions from all sectors, the funeral committee members decided to build the CKS Memorial Hall in Taipei, in order to commemorate the memory of our great leader. No sooner had this decision been made, than the CKS Memorial Hall Preparatory Committee was officially established. Messrs. Yu Kuo-hua, Lin Jin-sheng, Chiang Yen-shih, Kuo Kuei-yuan, Chao Chu-yu, Fei Hua, Lai Ming-tang, Hsieh Tung-min, Tsai Hung-wen, Chou Hung-tao, Chin Hsiao-yi, Chang Feng-hsu, Lin Ting-sheng, Ku Cheng-fu, Hsu You-hsiang, and Wang Yung-ching, were invited to serve as committee members, to ensure the construction of the Hall. Later, in October 1976, a CKS Memorial Hall Building, Preparatory Directing Committee was established. Messrs. Chang Chun, Ho Ying-ching, Chen Li-fu, Ni Wen-ya, Wang Yun-wu, Yu Bin, Chien Ssu-liang, Huang Shao-ku, Ku Cheng-kang, Huang Chie, Lin Bo-shou, Wu Ching-hsiung, Lien Chen-tung, Chen Chi-tien, Hsu Ching-chung, Chang Bao-shu, Hsieh Tung-min, Sun Ya-fu, Liu Kuo-tsai, Dai Yen-huei, Liu Ji-hung, Chou Bai-lien, Tsai Hung-wen, Lin Ting-sheng, and Lin Yang-kang, were invited to serve as committee directors to oversee construction of the Hall. National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall
 After careful consideration, on July 2, 1975, the Preparatory Committee chose a site west of HangJhou South Road, east of JhongShan South Road., north of AiGuo E. Road., and south of SinYi Road as the ideal location for the construction of the Hall. In addition, the Committee decided to build an underground passageway for LinSen S. Road to facilitate the overall construction plan. In August, the Committee requested architects from both at home and abroad to submit architectural designs. After a preliminary screening of the 43 submitted projects, a panel of experts short listed 5 drafts for final consideration. Upon request, these architects presented detailed blueprints and models to be adjudged by experts both at home and abroad. After examining models and consulting experts from various fields, the Committee chose the design submitted by Mr. Yang Cho-cheng. Construction details were then finalized after careful discussion. On October 31, 1976, the 90th birthday of the late President Chiang, a ground-breaking ceremony was held, marking official commencement of the construction, with the RSEA Engineering Corporation, and Veteran's Affairs Commission contractors. The Hall was officially opened to the public on April 5.
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